The Integrator PowerSchool to Educators Handbook integration agent provides educators immediate access to student referral data without any manual entry of student demographic data. Any new or modified records in the SIS are automatically sent to Educators Handbook and deletes are also automatically removed from Educators Handbook.
As your student body and teacher assignments fluctuate, ReadWrite Digital will maintain the synchronization of data from your Student Information System to your Educators Handbook account. With the Educators Handbook agent, critical student demographics such as Ethnicity, IEP status, 504 status and teacher information is kept up to date so you can manage and report on student disciplinary status with confidence. Educators Handbook To Other Applications ReadWrite Digital makes discipline data locked away in Educators Handbook available to your other applications. Incident data matched to students in your SIS and is available in multiple formats including JSON and CSV and can be imported into your systems on a scheduled basis via interfaces such as REST API, SFTP, etc.