Automate Apple MDM with Jamf SIS integration for schools

Combine your rules and full control with fully automated Jamf API integration from your student information system and other systems.


The ReadWrite Digital Integrator agent for Jamf provides school IT with automated account and device setup based on data from your student information system (SIS) or other sources. Our hosted solution detects any new or modified student or staff information in your SIS (e.g. PowerSchool) or other source (e.g. HR system) and immediately updates Jamf accounts, groups, devices, etc. based on your rules. This eliminates the need for things like manual data updates, unsustainable data entry rules, or adding “fake” data to your SIS to force the results you want.

Custom rules without custom costs.

Integrator and its Jamf agent are built specifically to address the needs of schools. This includes combining the ability to meet the unique needs of your school while at the same keeping a lid on costs. How did we manage that? Almost a decade of R&D and feedback from schools, that’s how. You benefit from that experience by having a robust automation tool that conforms to your needs, not the other way around. Here are just a few examples:

  • Password management based on user attributes like student grade level
  • Group assignments based on a combination of grade level, school, subject areas or other unique attributes
  • Synchronization of Jamf updates with Apple School Manager (ASM) updates
  • Complex integration of data from multiple sources, like AD, your SIS and ASM, if needed

Configure. Monitor. Analyze.

Integrator‘s fully-featured web portal puts you in control with: agent configuration, job management, job monitoring and data analysis. It also includes:

  • Smart Notifications. Job-status notifications for users you designate. If you need to login to the portal and take a look at something, Integrator will let you know.
  • Safeguards. Fault tolerance and “safeguard” protections to ensure source data issues do not corrupt the directory.

More benefits of the Integrator Jamf agent

No More Manual Edits

All (not just some) appropriate SIS changes are automatically detected and synchronized with Jamf. If another system (e.g. HR) holds data required for Jamf provisioning, that can be included as well.

Group Assignment

Users can be assigned to an unlimited number of groups based on your rules and/or data in the SIS and other systems.

Multiple Data Sources

External data can be combined with SIS data, if needed, for more complex account management requirements.

YET Management

Automatic processing of year-end transition (YET) grade-level promotion, related groups, etc.

Any Network Setup

Support for complex network / domain topologies (local or state managed) and VPN

See Every Change

Every new asset or account, property level change, and removal is available for review in the Integrator web portal.