New Mexico’s Digital Next Step Plan

Focus on students, not paperwork.

Paper is out. Digital is in!

We built the next generation of the New Mexico Next Step Plan to make it more useful for everyone.

For Students

Real-time progress lets students see the value of the NSP immediately, encouraging them to take ownership and stay engaged.

For Counselors

Digital format reduces workload for counselors – providing more time to monitor progress instead of paperwork.

For Admins

Now a single digital file will follow students – grade to grade, school to school, from 8th grade through graduation – making PED compliance easy to achieve.

For Parents

It’s easier than ever to stay engaged and always know where their child is in their NSP.

0 to 1000 in 2 Weeks

See how the Digital NSP made it easy for students in Roswell Schools to build their college/career path and for counselors to support them every step of the way.

Save time and engage students and parents with a Digital NSP designed with New Mexico schools in mind.

Auto-populate student demographics from your SIS

Directly link to career exploration tools your district uses

Easy career and college planning with keyword searches

Quick dropdown course selection corresponding to your course catalog

Simplify the approval process with electronic signature

Access anytime from anywhere on any device

Easily achieve PED compliance

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