The Next Generation
of College & Career Readiness

Focus on Students, Not Paperwork

We built the next generation of College & Career Readiness planning so that the student is at the center of every conversation.

For Students

Real-time progress lets students see the value of the CCR plan immediately, encouraging them to take ownership and stay engaged.

For Counselors

Digital format reduces workload – providing more time to monitor progress and foster authentic relationships.

For Admins

Now a single digital file will follow students – grade to grade, school to school, 8th grade through graduation – making district compliance easy to achieve.

For Parents

It’s easier than ever to see what counselors see, stay engaged, and always know where their child is in the CCR plan.

For Community Support Systems

Help your students connect with community leaders, business owners, apprenticeships, internships, and more based on the career pathways identified in their plans.

Students And Counselors Save Valuable Time

Student data is automatically downloaded from your SIS.

Eliminates the need to fill in student data…ever again

Student data is automatically updated daily

Dashboard offers a quick, current view of student status

Students can verify whether their information is correct or not

Counselors can easily switch between tabs within the same window

The Clean, Intuitive Interface Makes It Easy For Students To Do…Well…Just About Everything

We designed a logical progression of actions with helpful prompts to make it easy to stay engaged.

Easy career and college planning with keyword searches

Directly link to career exploration tools/systems your district uses

Integrate industry career data and classifications

Quick dropdown course selection corresponding to your course catalog

Integrate high school course catalogs, facilitating course requests

Stay In The Know – Because That’s The Best Place To Be

Students, counselors, parents, teachers, and administrators are on the same page at all times.

Color-coded view in the CCR Status column provides an overall progress report

Version Control of plans provides insight into student growth over time

Access anytime from anywhere on any device

Monitor and achieve compliance with district and state requirements

Simplify The Approval Process With The Ease Of Electronic Signature

Facilitate easy access to review and approve the student’s plan via text or email.

Counselor, administrator, parent, and student are all on the same page – literally

The student indicates the preferred method of communication – electronic or manual signature

Parents can receive a text or email of the plan for review – in their native language!

Ability to create a printed version

0 to 1000 in 2 Weeks

See how our CCR Plan made it easy for students in Roswell Schools to build their college/career path and for counselors to support them every step of the way.

Get Even More Out Of Your Student Data With Our Analytics App

A true “easy button” – get the whole picture with grades, attendance, discipline, and more.

Sits in the same education management platform as CCR

See the whole student on one page

Data automatically updates daily

Monitor absenteeism and discipline concerns and quickly determine the need for intervention and support

And more…

Find out more about our College & Career Readiness Plan

The easiest way to engage students, counselors, parents, and admin through the planning process.


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