Mooresville Graded School District Case Study


Mooresville Graded School District, in Mooresville North Carolina, uses ReadWrite Digital’s Integrator software as part of its nationally recognized Digital Conversion initiative. ReadWrite Digital is a critical component of Mooresville’s curriculum and instruction strategy to increase engagement and improve teaching and learning.

“ReadWrite Digital has become an integral part of our day to day operations. The ease of use, personnel time saved and efficiency make it something we can no longer function without.”

Dr. Mark Edwards
Superintendent, Mooresville Graded Schools District


Beginning in 2007, under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Mark Edwards, and supported by Chief Technology Officer Dr. Scott Smith, Mooresville Graded School District implemented its Digital Conversion initiative, which focuses on using technology to improve teaching and learning. Mooresville has become a leader in using technology to individualize learning, erase the digital divide, and improve student outcomes. Mooresville’s Digital Conversion results include a 10-fold increase in student engagement, a graduation rate of 90% in 2014-15 (compared to 74 percent in 2007), and results on 2014-15 state proficiency exams that are the third highest in the state. Mooresville has achieved these results without increasing per-pupil spending (Mooresville ranks 89th out of 113 North Carolina districts in per-pupil spending), and over the last several years Mooresville has become a national leader and exemplar of the digital school in the U.S.


Digital Transformation with Integrator

ReadWrite Digital has worked with Mooresville since 2011 and has become a core part of the Mooresville curriculum and instructions transformation. ReadWrite Digital’s cloud-based Integrator software has enabled Mooresville to provide students access to a wealth of electronic resources both cost-effectively and efficiently. By using Integrator, Mooresville has been able to grant students and teachers access to the instructional resources they need and to ensure student records are up to date and synchronized across all educational resources.

  • Mooresville uses Integrator to provision students in Active Directory. ReadWrite Digital’s cloud-based integration software scans student records from PowerSchool, searches for changes, and pushes updated student data into Mooresville’s Active Directory. Almost as soon as new students are entered into PowerSchool, they are able to log into the school network and gain access to instructional content.
  • Mooresville also uses Integrator to provision students and update student and teacher records automatically in numerous other software applications the district uses such as Ellevation, Istation, Blackboard Connect5, Discovery Education, Clever, and Educator’s Handbook.
  • Mooresville uses Integrator to update SAT and ACT scores to Naviance, an online resource to help students plan for college and careers.

ReadWrite Digital’s cloud-based Integrator software is a key enabler of Mooresville’s Digital Conversion:

  • Integrator writes about 14,000 student, teacher, course, and schedule record changes each month for Mooresville, to keep student records up to date and synchronized and to enable consistent student access to online resources. (If year-end transition changes are included, the average number of changes per month is almost 20,000.)
  • Without ReadWrite Digital Integrator, Mooresville would need to devote staff time and resources to making these monthly data updates, either manually or via custom scripts, they would need to maintain.
  • With Integrator, no Mooresville staff time is spent on data updates to synchronize data across systems and the quality of their data is unsurpassed.

In addition, by using Integrator, Mooresville is able to cost-effectively and continually bring brand new instructional and content tools online, by adding new plugins and integrations, without worrying about the burden they will place on staff time to manage data.

Integrator is a fundamental component of Mooresville’s transformative digital strategy to support Mooresville’s vision of ‘Every Student, Every Day’.

Mooresville Graded School District


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