PowerSchool to Active Directory in 60 Seconds with Integrator

Your apps and SIS stay in sync with unattended provisioning of complex data while you keep full control.

A Better Way to Manage Data

new students are connected in minutes with Integrator

Students are registered in your SIS and will automatically show up in your Integrator connected apps. What once may have taken hours, days or even weeks, is done in minutes. Perfectly. Every time.

Integrator can delete or archive student data

Or maybe just archive? You decide. Students come and go and sometimes come back again so Integrator is built to allow for things like domain accounts to go “on hold” so passwords and permissions don’t have to be re-entered if a student transfers out and comes back.

Integrator automatically updates student data changes

When a student data changes, we know it and send it – even for year end transition. Have complex rules or data structures related to school transfer, grade promotion or class changes? This is where Integrator really shines.

Integrator can notify you when a job runs

Most jobs run without a hitch and when that happens, not only do you not have to lift a finger, you don’t even have to be notified. If you want to know the status of every job, we’ll gladly send you the email notification telling you what ran, when it ran and how much changed

Integrator can notify you when data errors happen

System and data errors do happen and Integrator will let you know. It’s smart enough to know when it can retry to load some data. So it marks it Retry. It also knows when data is just flat out wrong – and that’s a Failure.  Retries are automatic so your data always stays in sync.

Integrator alerts you when something looks wrong
A T T E N T I O N !

On the rare occasion things do go south, you will know. The Safeguard will ensure a problem with the source system, like the class rosters at one school not coming through for some reason, won’t make it down to your target systems. We’ll alert you when things look wrong and give you the option to undo the job, or push it through.

Integrator saves school districts hours typically spent on data management

Not only will Integrator save your school district thousands of hours wasted on data management every year, it is fast, easy to use and mobile friendly. Our integration-as-a-service in the cloud means there is no software to install and no servers to rack. There, you just saved more time.

Ability to add new source and targets to Integrator in a day
G E A R   U P

With our extensible Agent architecture, we are adding new source and targets to Integrator all the time. New agents can be created in less than day. Check out a sample of our current agents and if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a shout.

Integrator ensures privacy of student data

ReadWrite Digital goes beyond FERPA and COPPA to ensure the privacy of your student data. All data is transmitted via encrypted channels and we can even use VPN to connect to your on premise systems if desired. We never share your data with third parties who are not part of an integration.

Integrator Benefits

Keep apps synced.

With Integrator, ReadWrite Digital is making automated data integration achievable for School administrators and IT Managers at a modest cost while recovering significant staff time previously required to maintain apps and systems data changes. Integrator employs an extensible data agent architecture that keeps apps synchronized with the Student Information System and provisions new student accounts in designated systems like Active Directory.

No software or hardware.

There is no software to download or hardware to maintain. The system interface gives data managers access to a suite of configurable functions that allow job scheduling, notifications, safeguard logic and user roles and permissions all on a responsive user interface. No more are schools limited by custom one-off scripts written 3 years ago or by vendor compatibility issues which plague other solutions and end up being your problem.

Ready to roll.

We spent years getting the platform right with our early adopters so that it would be seamless for your school. Today, we can deploy Integrator for your school system in just a few days with minimal assistance from school IT.

Are you ready to integrate?

We’re happy to discuss Integrator in more detail and show you how it can change the way you manage data.

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