The Integrator PowerSchool to Istation integration agent provides students and teachers with immediate access to Istation instructional content and assessments. Any new or modified records in the SIS are automatically sent to Istation and deletes are also automatically removed from Istation.
As your student body and teacher assignments fluctuate, ReadWrite Digital will maintain the synchronization of data from your Student Information System (SIS) to your Istation account. With the Istation agent, student accounts are automatically provisioned in with login IDs and passwords built according to your rules. At the same time, teacher email’s and IDs are also provisioned. This is especially valuable for schools with one-to-one device programs where access to online content is critical to learning success.   Accessing Istation Test Score Data ReadWrite Digital makes assessment data locked away in Istation available to your other applications. Test and score data is matched to the students in your SIS and is available in multiple formats including JSON and CSV and can be imported into your systems on a scheduled basis via interfaces such as REST API, SFTP, etc. In addition, we create meta-data about the tests in Istation which is critical for intake of the data by other apps. Scores can be instrumented on a multi-level achievement scale of your choosing with your customized descriptions and color coding for each level.