All your students’ data in Naviance, always up to date.

Automate Your Naviance Data Import

The ReadWrite Digital Integrator agent for Naviance provides school counselors with immediate access to a rich set of student information within Naviance. Any new or modified parent, student, or course data from your SIS (e.g. PowerSchool), standardized tests or even state exams is updated daily in Naviance with zero manual data entry. This is how Integrator goes above and beyond merely providing students and staff with sign-in to Naviance.

Change this…
…to this…

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No more searching for student data.

When utilized to its fullest potential, Naviance can display a rich set of student performance data but only if it is imported and kept up to date. The Integrator agent saves school counselors time by automating the import of the following data and making it available within Naviance:

  1. Student demographics data and account data
  2. Parent demographics and account data
  3. Student GPA and class rank
  4. Subject aligned courses offered by your School
  5. Student course grades
  6. Any test score Naviance accepts. Here are some examples:

PSAT scores
SAT scores
AP scores
ACT scores
State exams

For IT staff, the Naviance Agent, like every other Integrator agent, provides a ready-built solution that can be implemented quickly but also includes full control of rules and data mappings if you need it. Job control, change data analysis, and built-in safeguards against errors in source data are all part of the package.