The ReadWrite Digital Integrator agent for PowerSchool makes your core student data available to the many different applications used by students and teachers. ReadWrite Digital goes beyond single-sign-on and actually provision students, teachers, classes, schedules, grades and more PowerSchool data to your critical applications without any manual data export or import on your part.
As your student body and teacher assignments fluctuate, ReadWrite Digital will maintain the synchronization of data between PowerSchool and corresponding accounts in such systems as Active Directory (actually creating accounts), Discovery Education, Clever, Blackboard, and more. Sometimes PowerSchool only has part of the essential data required by many systems. For instance, many schools will use Active Directory (AD) as the system of record for student email. ReadWrite Digital’s Integrator will combine PowerSchool data with data from other systems like AD to provide the most accurate data to downstream apps. This is especially valuable for schools with one-to-one device programs where access to online content is critical to learning success.