Accelerate Student Access to Instructional Content

Integrator automatically keeps your apps up to date with student data and provisions new student accounts

Eliminate redundant data entry and ensure student access with consistent and accurate enrollment data across your systems.

What Our Data is Showing


of your student data changes every month in your SIS


data changes per month for an average sized school district (across about 20 apps)


of instructional time lost for students due to manual provisioning

What Our Clients Are Saying

“ReadWrite Digital has become an integral part of our day to day operations. The ease of use, personnel time saved and efficiency make it something we can no longer function without.”

Dr. Mark Edwards

Superintendent, Mooresville Graded School District, NC


Take Control

  • Automate jobs or run manually. Pause for YET? No problem.
  • Control data sources and targets. Protocols, endpoints, vpn, you name it
  • Set notification preferences. Exceptions or everything? You decide.
  • Manage Safeguards to avoid false positives.
  • Find any change that ever was…fast.
  • Support when you need it. Call or write. We love talking to customers.

Provisioning Benefits Only Integrator Offers


Enter new student information just once

Automatically detects new students and sends those to your apps. No additional manual export or import needed.

Automatically updates student data

Integrator automatically detects and manages changes to your existing students – including deletes – and sends those changes to your apps. Always keeping you informed.


Data can be sourced from multiple systems

Integrator can match and combine data from multiple systems of record to deliver the highest level of precision available in data integration.


YET is easy

For Year End Transitions (YET) – gone is the need for manual export or import simply because students are being promoted.